Let’s continue the Galaxy Watch 4 brick phenomenon…

Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Electronics has experienced a series of failures in some Galaxy Watch products. In response, Samsung Electronics said it will make an official apology and take measures including free repairs.

On the 7th, Samsung Electronics registered a post titled “Notice on Galaxy Watch 4 Software (SW) Update and Power Off” and said, “We sincerely apologize to customers who have experienced inconvenience in using the product.”

Recently, some models of Galaxy Watch 4 have been found to have failed to power on their products after VI3 update. It is a so-called “brick” phenomenon. Samsung Electronics confirmed that the related phenomenon occurred during the software update process. In response, he said he would take free repairs and measures.

Samsung Electronics said, “We will take necessary measures, including free repairs, when we visit the Samsung Electronics service center nearby.” Consumers who have performed existing paid repairs can receive a refund of the repair cost.

He then mentioned, “We have stopped updating the software that caused the error and plan to distribute improved software soon.”

Let’s continue the Galaxy Watch 4 brick phenomenon…

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