“Levy can’t stand nagging.” Antonio Conte reason for leaving Tottenham.

Coach Antonio Conte will eventually leave Tottenham.

Zanluca Di Margio, a reporter for the Italian version of Sky Sports, said on the 22nd, “There is one thing I can say for sure. “Coach Conte will leave Tottenham after the end of this season,” he said adding, “Coach Conte is tired of Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy’s nagging.” Tottenham also did not ask for a renewal. Because I don’t like director Conte. We didn’t get along very well,” he said.

Antonio Conte

Coach Antonio Conte’s contract with Tottenham will end in June this year. Tottenham has the option to extend it for another year, but it has decided not to exercise it.

Tottenham defeated Nunu Santo in November 2021 and brought Conte as its new manager. It worked. Last season, he pushed Arsenal out and succeeded in entering fourth place in the Premier League, winning the UEFA Champions League.

The satisfaction of the players was also great. However, this season is different.

Tottenham has scored only four points in four games since the season resumed. In particular, he lost two consecutive games against Arsenal and Manchester City.

It was a game that showed a clear difference in skills with the top teams. Not only the results but also the contents of the game were terrible.

The league ranking fell to fifth place. The gap with fourth-place Manchester United is six points. Fans’ public opinion is increasingly turning against Conte.

Conflicts between coach Antonio Conte and chairman Levy have also become more frequent. There has been no public conflict, but everything has been confronted over the recruitment of players. 안전한놀이터

In the transfer window, Conte continued to demand aggressive investment from the club. He was not satisfied with the massive power reinforcement last summer.

Chairman Levy gained confidence in coach Conte as he did not perform well compared to the money he spent. In the end, he tries to break up with Conte by not signing an extension contract.

“Levy can’t stand nagging.” Antonio Conte reason for..

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