Lim Chang-jung wife Seo White, wear a seat belt

Im Chang-jung

Lim Chang-jung’s wife Seo White showed off her bright charm.

Seo White posted on her Instagram on the 28th, “We’re always together, but we’re wearing makeup and two-shot.” For brunch, I’ll eat tteok-soon-oh and go to work. Smile again today! A lot!” he wrote.

Seo White looks like she ate snacks with Im Chang-jung for breakfast and lunch.

Seo White’s bright appearance in a red dress catches the eye.

In another photo, he is seen moving in a car with a seat belt on.

The appearance of a working mother who moves diligently is impressive.

Lim Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan overcame the 18-year-old age gap and got married in 2017 and are raising five sons.

The couple revealed their daily lives through SBS entertainment show “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny.”

West White was once controversial for not wearing seat belts for her children.

Lim Chang-jung wife Seo White, wear a seat belt

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