Lim Sa-rang x Mo Tae-beom. I’m upset because I have a lot of plans to drink. “I broke up with my ex-boyfriend because he cheated on me”.

Lim SarLim Sa-rangang, who is in a public relationship with Mo Tae-beom, revealed the reason why she broke up with her boyfriend in the past.

On Channel A’s “Men’s Life-Groom Class these days,” which aired on the 11th, Mo Tae-beom and Lim Sarang couple visited the hospital for medical checkups.

In the broadcast that day, Mo Tae-beom and Lim Sarang visited the hospital for a medical checkup. Mo Tae-beom was relieved by the test results of healthy Lim Sarang, and the two went to the restaurant after the examination. At this time, Lim Sa-rang asked why she broke up with her ex-girlfriend, saying, “Do you remember calling her ex-girlfriend’s name?” referring to Mo Tae-beom’s nonsense because the anesthesia was not enough.

In response, Mo Tae-beom said, “I thought we understood each other differently. I want to work out, do hobbies, meet people, and meet my girlfriend separately, but the other person doesn’t understand. “I said I could never do that because I thought they were obsessed, and we broke up after talking to each other,” he said.

Lim Sa-rang, who was asked the same question, said, “I was always lonely even if I had a boyfriend. I think I’m trying to fit the other person as much as I can, but sometimes I get hurt while holding it in, and then my mind starts to organize itself. “I didn’t play too much, so I thought it would have been less anxious from the other person’s point of view,” he said. “My ex-boyfriend’s wish was the cause, saying, “I met someone else (at the time) without clearing up my relationship with me.”

At this time, when Mo Tae-beom carefully asked if this made Lim Sa-rang difficult, referring to his many appointments to drink during the year-end and New Year holidays, Lim Sa-rang immediately replied, “Yes.” Mo was embarrassed by Lim Sa-rang’s answer. Lim Sa-rang said, “My brother was the first person to fill me in like this, but I was worried because he didn’t (these days). It’s my first time telling my boyfriend that I want him to know like this. I will also try to understand you, so please think about my position more,” he said.

Lim Sa-rang x Mo Tae-beom. I’m upset because I have a lot of..

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