Lincoln Korea Opens ‘Lincoln Centennial Lounge’ to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Lincoln Korea

Lincoln Korea announced on the 1st that it will hold an exhibition event for the “Lincoln Centennial Lounge” at the open stage in Shinsegae Central City from the 2nd to the 10th to mark the 100th anniversary of the brand’s foundation this year.

The event is designed to give a glimpse of Lincoln’s history, brand’s core values and future strategies.

At the “Lincoln Centennial Lounge,” the entire lineup of Lincoln Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) will be displayed from Lincoln’s flagship model navigator to Aviator, Nautilus and Kosher.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the brand, you can see the introduction video of the motorcycle concept car “Lincoln Star” and various heritage contents under the theme of Lincoln’s 100-year history in multimedia format.

Lincoln Korea has also prepared various services for field visitors. Information on Lincoln vehicles can be obtained quickly and conveniently through the professional Lincoln Crew in the venue.

Lincoln Korea expected that it would be a place of experience to experience with a different sense as it was designed to feel the scent of Lincoln’s core value, “rest.”

“The Lincoln Centennial Lounge is specially designed in the form of a luxury lounge so that customers can directly experience Lincoln’s brand value,” said Noh Seon-hee, general manager of Lincoln Korea’s marketing communication. “I hope it will be a space where they can feel relaxed and comfortable for a while in their busy lives.”

Lincoln Korea Opens ‘Lincoln Centennial Lounge’

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