“Lip-syncing is perfect for idols?” STAYC, why did you say that?


Group STAYC statement of conviction ahead of their comeback is becoming a hot topic.

On the 4th, a video titled “STAYC’s next album is…” was posted on STAC’s official YouTube channel.

The video showed the members and producer Rado talking about STAYC’s album and songs ahead of their comeback.

On this day, member Si-eun mentioned, “I think it’s natural” as a thought for “Live,” and Su-min also said, “I think it’s natural.” Only when I do a live, I feel that we came down after the performance,” he replied.

Yoon said, “Is there a reason why you’re doing a live show? I do it because I’m a singer,” Jay said, and said, “I don’t get energy if I don’t sing live.”

In response, Si-eun also said, “That’s why we always sing while filming music videos,” adding, “The energy in front of the camera is so different from singing and dancing without just singing and lip-syncing.”

Internet users who heard the remarks showed various reactions, including “Idols who lip-synch,” “That’s right,” “A group that deserves to say that,” and “I saw it in person last time and I liked it because it was live well.”  토토사이트

Group Stacy is set to make a comeback in the music industry in July. It will also be on the stage of the “KCON 2022 U.S. Tour,” which will be held from August 23 to September 1.

“Lip-syncing is perfect for idols?” STAYC, why did you say that?

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