Lizzie, after self-reflection, you’re starting to come back…


Actress Lizzie, a former “After School,” has started her return after self-reflection on drunk driving.

BK ENT’s agency announced on the 24th that it is happy to be with Lizzy, who has overflowing talent and bright energy.

He promised generous support. The agency said, “We will fully support Lizzy to work in various fields such as acting and entertainment.”

Earlier in May last year, Lizzie caused a car accident while driving drunk. At that time, Lizzie’s blood alcohol concentration was at the level of revocation of her license. After that, I brought time for self-reflection.

In response, the agency said, “I also reflected a lot and worried about my return,” adding, “I am shrinking, but I will support both materially and mentally as I am determined.”

Meanwhile, Lizzie debuted as a member of the girl group “After School” in 2010. It became popular for its unique lively charm. Since 2018, he has been acting under the name of ‘Park Soo-ah’.

Lizzie, after self-reflection, you’re starting to come back…

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