Los Angeles Dodgers, insurance FA pitcher ‘hit the jackpot’


Clayton Kershaw left due to an injury, but the LA Dodgers are steady. New left-hander Tyler Anderson (33) is making a big hit with a career-high season.

Anderson started the away game against the Washington Nationals on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) and led the Dodgers to a 10-1 complete victory with five hits, no outs, eight strikeouts and no runs in eight innings. A perfect pitch in the sixth inning with one out.

He used up to 92.5 miles (148.9 kilometers) and 90.1 miles (145 kilometers) four-seam fastballs, as well as changeups (37), cutters (19), sinkers (6), curves (3), and sliders (1). He stole the timing of batters with his unique double kick and various pitches. In particular, he led to 10 missed swings with a main change-up.

Anderson, who continued his unbeaten streak with his fifth win of the season, also lowered his ERA from 4.04 to 3.30. With Walker Buehler, he has the most strikeouts (42) in the team. He is second in the 43rd inning after Buehler (46th inning).

A former prospect named to the Colorado Rockies in the 2011 draft, ranked 20th overall in the first round. After his major league debut in 2016, he steadily got a chance as a starter, but he lost two months of the season after undergoing knee arthroscopic surgery in 2017, and was released after a slump with three losses in five games and an 11.76 ERA in 2019.

After going through the San Francisco Giants in 2020, he moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Seattle Mariners last year. He pitched 167 innings in 31 games, showing the possibility of rebounding with 7 wins, 11 losses, 4.53 ERA, and 134 strikeouts. In March, after the closure of the workplace, the Dodgers reinforced the starting lineup Debs by signing an FA contract with Anderson for $8 million a year. It has secured another starting resource for existing Walker Buehler, Julio Urias, Kershaw, Hini and Tony Gonsolin.

Anderson, who started the first two games of the season with relief, entered the starting rotation after Hini left due to a shoulder injury after two games. Anderson continues to keep the rotation as Kershaw suffered a pelvic injury after the Chicago Cubs match on the 8th. He has won four games and a 3.53 ERA in six games since his transition to the starting lineup, showing off his ability to digest innings in eight innings against Washington following seven innings against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 18th.

“MLB.com” was expected to be the insurance for pitchers with many question marks even when the Dodgers signed a one-year contract with Anderson in March. With Kershaw and Hini on the injured list, the Dodgers are leaning more on Anderson than they initially thought,’ Anderson said.  파워볼사이트

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “We don’t know where we would have been without Anderson.” Dodgers shortstop Trey Turner also said, “Anderson is very big for us. “I pitched a lot of innings in the last two games, and it was a necessary performance to save the bullpen,” he praised.

Los Angeles Dodgers, insurance FA pitcher ‘hit the jackpot’

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