LPGA Tour Turned Up Ahead of the Opening Game…There’s no locker room for athletes!’

The opening game of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour season had a rough time over “providing locker rooms for players.”

Professional media such as Golf Channel and Golf Week, which hosted the tournament, reported on the 19th (Korea Standard Time) a day before the first round of the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, which was a big backlash because the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club did not provide locker rooms to the participants.


Shower and toilet were provided, but complaints arose here and there that they had to change their shoes in the parking lot because they did not have a locker, and that they had difficulties because there was no place to put their belongings.

There were only 29 players participating in this tournament, but a series of reactions continued that they could not understand that they did not prepare a locker room.

Matilda Castren (Finland), the winner of the 2021 Mediheal Championship, complained that she had never seen a competition without giving a locker room to a player.

Players claim that the locker room is not just a place for players to store their belongings during the competition.

It is a personal space where you can gather and concentrate your thoughts.

One senior player said, “When participating in a competition, the golf course usually gives up the entire men’s locker room. Men’s locker rooms are larger and better equipped than women’s. He said, “When I enter such a locker room, I feel welcomed,” adding, “If it is a membership golf course, I sometimes leave a note supported by the locker owner.”

In the face of strong opposition from the players, Lake Nano Golf & Country Club and the LPGA Tour set up temporary locker rooms and assigned them to the players one by one.

Lake Nano Golf & Country Club has already held several professional competitions, including Gainbridge LPGA.

Some golf course facilities were damaged due to a hurricane that hit Florida in December last year, and problems in cooperation and communication with the LPGA Tour caused a “locker room not provided.”

The women’s locker room of this golf course is on the second floor of the club house, and the shower and toilet are on the first floor.

Lake Nano Golf & Country Club explained that it suggested the players use the locker room on the second floor, but the LPGA Tour opposed it because it was uncomfortable.

The Lake Nano Golf & Country Club complained that the men’s locker room on the first floor of the club house could not be used due to hurricane damage, so it could not provide a locker room for athletes.

When the Lake Nano Golf & Country Club’s explanation came out, the fire broke out to the head of the LPGA Tour.

Ryan O’Toole (USA) said, “I have no complaints about golf courses or tournament sponsors. “I’m angry at the LPGA Tour for not taking care of this properly,” he said.

Senior players such as Brittany Lyncicom and Jessica Koda (USA), who are not participating in the tournament, voiced their opinions that they should reveal the truth and hold them accountable, saying, “This is not the first time.” 코인파워볼

In addition to the locker room, some argued that there was confusion in the use of the practice range ahead of this tournament.

The announcement that the practice time would be limited to one hour led to complaints from the players, which also turned out to be caused by poor communication between the LPGA Tour and the manager of the Lake Nano Golf & Country Club practice range.

LPGA Tour Turned Up Ahead of the Opening Game…There’s no…

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