Majorca refused to confirm the size of Lee Kang-in buyout.

Controversy is brewing over how much Lee Kang-in (21) agreed to buy out with the joining of the Spanish soccer team Mallorca.

Lee Kang-in

Spain’s Diario As reported on the 2nd, “Pavlo Ortels (42), the head of Majorca, refused to confirm the size of Lee Kang-in’s buyout clause at the press conference for the settlement of the transfer market in January.”

The buyout amount agreed by Lee Kang-in when he signed with Mallorca until the 2024-25 season in August 2021 has been known to be 17 million euros by the “Marca” article. “Marca” is bound by “Diario As” and Spain’s four major sports newspapers.

However, Majorca coach Javier Aguirre (64, Mexico) opposed the player’s departure in January this year and said, “Lee Kang-in has a 30 million euro buyout at stake,” causing confusion.

It has become unclear how much a team that wants to recruit should offer Mallorca a transfer fee to win Lee Kang-in’s priority negotiation rights. The truth is only known to the contracting parties. Aguirre is not the management of Majorca. That’s why the question went to Ortels.

According to “Diario As,” Ortes said, “It is not the fault of Aguirre,” but avoided answering “I do not want to confirm the existence of a 30 million euro buyout clause for Lee Kang-in.”

“Atletico Madrid loves Lee Kangin,” the Spanish daily newspaper La Rason said. “The winter transfer market is over, but we will also chase to reinforce our power in the 2023-24 season,” he claimed.

LaRason is one of the four major newspapers in Madrid, Spain. Last month, Lee Kang-in preferred to advance to the English Premier League (EPL), but he predicted the summer transfer market, saying, “He can also make a choice to remain in Spain’s La Liga.”

EPL is ranked first in the European league and La Liga second. Atletico, which is interested in signing Lee Kang-in on the Spanish stage, is a world-class strong team ranked 11th in the European club rankings.

Lee Kang-in is playing with two goals and four assists in 18 games in the 2022-23 La Liga. He was involved in 40% (6/15) of Majorca scores as a key player who plays an average of 76 minutes.

It is also positive that ▲ left wing ▲ center forward ▲ light wing ▲ second striker scored offensive points in four different positions this season.

Lee Kang-in has begun to show the world’s top potential, recognized as the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup Golden Ball (MVP), on the professional stage in his fifth year in the big league.

Majorca refused to confirm the size of Lee Kang-in buyout.

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