MAMAMOO Hwasa Reveals First Online Concert ‘WAW’ Teaser Image

Mamamoo, which is set to hold its first online concert “WAW” on the 28th, released an individual teaser image, raising expectations.

Mamamoo released a teaser image of Hwa Sa of the 2021 Mamamoo online concert ‘WAW’ on its official SNS at noon on the 19th.

The released photo shows Hwasa posing on the track. He overwhelmed the audience with his powerful, confident figure with strong eyes.

In another photo, Hwa Sa wore a checkered skirt on a sleeveless cropped top and gave off a refreshing charm. Hwa Sa’s strong healthy beauty and captivating beauty are on display.

Mamamoo will hold its first online concert “WAW” on the 28th. As it is the first concert in two years and a month since “4season F/W in Daegu” in July 2019, they are determined to show a performance suitable for the title of “Midbo Mamcon.”

In particular, this concert is the highlight of the 2021 Where Are We (WAW) project, which brings the journey of the past seven years from MAMAMOO’s debut to now to the stage. 파워볼사이트

The new song stage, which will be able to feel Mamamoo’s refreshing beauty, will also be unveiled for the first time, and it will be full of lively performances beyond offline performances with stage production that can only be shown at online concerts.

Mamamoo has proven its brand value as a “performance-type idol” with a sincere stage that combines a wide musical spectrum, colorful performance and strong teamwork through concerts, and expectations are also focused on this “WAW.”

Meanwhile, Mamamoo’s first online concert “2021 Mamamoo Online Concert ‘WAW’ will be held on the 28th, and tickets can be booked through Olleh TV, Seezn, and Interpark.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Reveals First Online Concert ‘WAW’ Teaser Image

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