Manchester City ace who took over Sterling seven times, “Mother’s favorite number.”

Manchester City

Manchester City ace Jo 칸o Cancello gave the reason for the back number replacement.

Cancellu, who wore a Manchester City uniform in August 2019, chose his back number 27. He used No. 7 in his former team, but he couldn’t choose because Raheem Sterling (Chelsea) was wearing No. 7 in Manchester City.

Sterling’s recent move to Chelsea left seven empty. Freshmen Elling Holland and Julien Alvarez chose No. 9 and No. 19, respectively. In general, the No. 7 chosen by the “Star Player” had no owner, and Kanselu became Manchester City’s new No. 7.

Usually, number 7 is used by the striker. It is common for fullbacks such as Kanselu to choose a number ahead of them. Kanselu revealed why he changed from No. 27 to No. 7.

According to Manchester City’s official website on the 19th, “Seven is a special number for me.” “It’s my mother’s birthday and it’s also her favorite number,” she said, adding that it was influenced by her mother.

“I think this number brings good luck. I chose this number because I hope we will win many championships this year,” he added.

No. 7 means a lot to the Manchester City squad. This is because Sterling, who recently left, has used the number for seven years since 2015. Sterling made a remarkable contribution to winning Manchester City, including four English Premier League titles and five Carabao Cups.

“I know it’s a number that takes a lot of responsibility for what Sterling did for the club,” Cancellu said.

Cancello, who has already become Manchester City’s fourth year, was one of the best players of last season. He scored one goal and seven assists in 36 league games. He is expected to take over as an executive in the new season.

Manchester City ace who took over Sterling seven times

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