Mane Gives Chocolate to 150 Liverpool Employees


Sadio Mane, who moved to Bayern Munich, sent gifts to his employees who were with him in Liverpool, creating a warm feeling.

On the 17th (Korea Standard Time), a SNS user posted a picture of Manet’s gift taken by a colleague, saying,

“A colleague I know received a chocolate gift from Manet.”

Mane’s gifts included Manet’s portrait, chocolate, Liverpool’s motto, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and a letter saying, “Thank you for all your support.”

Christian Polk, who is familiar with Munich news, said,

“Manet sent chocolate gifts to thank the 150 employees who worked in Liverpool, from guards to cleaners.”

Mane, who scored 120 goals in 268 games with Liverpool for six years, joined Bundesliga champion B. Munich on June 22 for 35million.

“My life has always been a series of challenges and I thought I needed a new challenge, so I decided to leave Liverpool,”

Manet explained why he left Liverpool, which he had long been attached to and joined B. Munich.

Mane is making good progress in adapting to the new team as he scored consecutive goals in the DFL-Super Cup against RB Leipzig

and the Bundesliga opening match against Einlacht Frankfurt in the 2022/23 season. 코인파워볼

Liverpool fans, on the other hand, felt the absence of Manet, who scored a total of 13 goals against Palace as Liverpool drew against Crystal Palace on the 16th.

In addition, Liverpool fans’ longing for Manet is growing as Manet does not forget to thank the employees who have been with him for a long time.

Mane Gives Chocolate to 150 Liverpool Employees

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