Mao Hamasaki

Mao Hamasaki

Date of birth: 1993-10-20
Height: 165 cm
Body size: B85 / W59 / H84
Cup size: E cup
Debut: Debut in August 2012

Japanese AV actress.

The headquarters of the dental world following Yuria Satomi.

Originally affiliated with the two-top promotion of Lotus Group, it is now affiliated with the Funstar Promotion after the group’s reorganization process.

She want to conquer all the product numbers! 2017 Korean fan meeting, 2018 high society appearance

She was from Chiba Prefecture in 1993. She didn’t want to study after graduating from middle school, so She didn’t go to high school and worked part-time.

She made her AV debut at Prestige in 2012, and remained a full-time player until 2013.

Since then, he has been active as a kikatan.

It is characterized by a glamorous body, a husky voice, and an outspoken spirit of challenge with exaggerated acting.

She was nominated for the Best Actor and Best Picture at the 2016 Scapa Adult Broadcasting Awards, and was nominated for the Best Actor award at the same awards ceremony in 2018, but unfortunately, he has no mourning clothes.

She said he wanted to conquer all product numbers as much as possible until he retired as an AV actor.

She has appeared extensively in various genres. 안전놀이터

In 2017, Popcorn TV regularly hosted streaming personal broadcasts, and held Korean fan meetings twice the same year.

Mao Hamasaki appeared in the Korean film “High Society” in 2018, and has a deep relationship with Korea.

Mao Hamasaki 浜崎真緒 Japanese AV actress.

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