Mariya Noguchi

Mariya Noguchi

Date of birth: 1993-02-02
Height: 153 cm
body size: B90 / W62 / H80
Cup size: G cup
Debut: Debut in January 2013

She is a Japanese AV actress.

She debuted on January 10, 2013, appearing in about 30 films.

There is an evaluation that the overall feeling is similar to that of Girls’ Generation.

Perhaps that’s why there is a fishing article called Taeyeon’s younger brother.

Let’s be careful. As you can see from the profile, it’s short.

However, she is an actress who can be said to have a middle-class color, a glamorous chest, and a full-bodied figure.

Acting skills are a little low, but other parts sufficiently offset the shortcomings.

Since June 2014, no solo work has been released, and there is no new work after the group work in December, and she seems to have retired, considering that she even blew up her blog.

Although the item was registered during the Rigveda Wiki days, she was not very well-known, but her recognition soared as her appearance and acting potential were in full bloom in one solo film.

In 2013, the year of her debut, it was discovered belatedly after receiving no attention at all, and her popularity rose to the point that she was quickly talked about on various sites in Korea as she was re-evaluated.

Part number NGD-071 is one of the most popular works. 메이저사이트

Then, in January 2017, he returned to his solo work after a gap of about two and a half years.

For your information, the actress has many stage names, including her real name, Mariya Noguchi, Misato Koriki(剛力美沙都), Miu Yamamoto(山本美羽), Mari Taguchi(田口真理), Mei Suzuka(鈴香芽衣), Masako Noda(野田昌子), Natsu, and Emi.

Mariya Noguchi 野口まりや She is a Japanese AV actress.

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