‘Meat 2’ Jin Park Ji-hyun, time to prove with ‘skill’…You have to be wary of reverse discrimination.

Park Ji-hyun

Park Ji-hyun of the “University Department” was selected as the Jin of the preliminary hearing of “Mr. Trot 2.” There is a lot of controversy surrounding his agency, but the prevailing evaluation is that “it deserved to be Jin” when evaluated only by the completeness of the stage he showed in the preliminary trial.

The third episode of TV Chosun Trot Audition ‘Mr. Trot 2’ aired on the 5th recorded a national viewer rating of 20.9%. The figure is up 0.1 percentage point from the previous week. It is regrettable that it did not jump much, but the ratings of the second part (20.9%) rose from the first part (19.5%), raising expectations for the fourth episode.

Jin Sun-mi was revealed on the broadcast after the 119 team’s preliminary examination. “Jin” went to Park Ji-hyun in the university department, “Sun” to Hwang Min-ho in the class, and “Mi” to Kim Yong-pil in the office. In the first round of the finals, which was held later, Park Ji-hyun chose Jang Min-ho’s “I love you sister,” a semi-trot genre, along with members of the university club. He appeared in a college student’s symbol, “Gwajam (department jumper),” and received an all-heart for a stage that swallows women’s hearts. This is a great achievement following the fact that all the university students decorated All Hearts in the preliminary trial. Jang Min-ho, the original singer, said, “This is the song,” and praised, “I think I should get a tip from this stage and combine it with the stage.”

Opinions on Park Ji-hyun’s performance are divided after the preliminary results were released. The reason is simple. This is because he is in the same agency as Jang Yoon-jung and Kim Hee-jae, who are participating as masters of “Mr. Trot 2.” It is questionable whether fair screening is possible. It is a question of full acceptance.

However, there is a point to be considered. Reports that Park Ji-hyun is a rookie of the same agency as Jang Yoon-jung were raised in early January. At the end of last year, “Mr. Trot 2” began and Park Ji-hyun went through a preliminary hearing. When he sang “The Ugly” in the preliminary trial and received an all-heart, those who watched the broadcast acknowledged Park Ji-hyun’s skills. Therefore, not a few fandom has already been formed to support him. Before the suspicion arose, he was already recognized for his ability.

However, the direction of public opinion has changed somewhat as some online communities have mentioned the relationship between Park Ji-hyun and Jang Yoon-jung, and some media outlets have published articles that take issue with it. It has become a controversy over fairness. Concerns were mixed that it was difficult for Jang Yoon-jung and others to make a fair evaluation of Park Ji-hyun.

Let’s review it again. “Mr. Trot 2” has a relatively high tendency to issue all-hearts. More than 70 of the 119 teams survived. Among them, some people have decided to compete with performance or stories rather than singing ability. Viewers complained about their survival through a real-time chat window.

But what about Park Ji-hyun? When he appeared on the preliminary stage and sang, an atmosphere was created in which the majority praised his skills. There was no disagreement about all-hearts. In the end, it can be said that it is “reverse discrimination” that he, who passed the preliminary trial with his skills, is disparaged just because he is the same agency as Jang Yoon-jung.

What matters is the next move. “Mr. Trot 2” has not even turned around yet. No one knows how far Park Ji-hyun will survive. The road to the top seven is long and rough. However, the current controversy can be rather a medicine. In the future, Jang Yoon-jung and Kim Hee-jae have no choice but to make a more sober evaluation while watching Park Ji-hyun’s stage. Compared to other masters, it is highly likely to face a relatively tighter standard. The public are not fools. While the trot craze has already continued for more than three years, “listening ears” have opened. This means that it is possible to verify whether Jang Yoon-jung and others are deciding on a joint payment through appropriate judgment.

Eventually, Park Ji-hyun’s shoulders became heavier. The crown of “No. 1 preliminary examination” is also burdensome, with the modifier “Jang Yoon-jung’s agency junior.” There is only one way to overcome this: skill. If he shows a stage beyond these suspicions with a spotless stage, viewers are more likely to be enthusiastic. On the other hand, if he fails to meet that standard, unfortunately, his challenge will not be able to produce the desired results.

Now it’s time for viewers to wait. As the 20% rating proves, the eyes and ears are looking at Park Ji-hyun. Viewers will never put up with it if they find an ambiguous part in the evaluation process. However, the opportunity given to Park Ji-hyun due to suspicions should not be deprived or looked at with colored glasses. You have to judge him solely on his ability.

Mr. Trot 2 is a competition. It’s a place to compete, to prove. And Park Ji-hyun’s homework became bigger and heavier than other participants.

‘Meat 2’ Jin Park Ji-hyun, time to prove with ‘skill’…

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