Midnight Horror Song Seung-ha attends the Cannes International Series Festival


Actor Song Seung-ha appears in Cannes.

Song Seung-ha will leave on the 16th to attend the Cannes International Series Festival (CANNESERIES). He will be invited to the festival’s rendezvous section (non-competitive section) for the season’s original “Midnight Horror: Six Nights (produced by Kotap Media)” to meet local audiences.

“Midnight Horror: Six Nights,” composed of omnibuses, unfolds the horror that film directors, who have been praised for their horror thriller genre, have visited in ordinary daily life. Among the six works, Song Seung-ha played the role of her younger sister “Eun-kyung,” who realized the inner thoughts of her sister, Jin-kyung (Seo Young-hee), who she trusted and relied on during her hard struggle, and eventually made an extreme choice.

Song Seung-ha, who is about to leave the country, expressed his overwhelming heart, saying, “I was so grateful that I had a chance to go to Cannes as an actor, so I was so happy when I heard the news.” He then said, “At the time of filming, all the staff, actors, and directors struggled with passion, and as a result, I was moved to think that Eun-kyung was giving me a gift.” “I would like to thank everyone who was with the production company’s CEO Ko Dae-hwa and director Yoo Young-sun for trusting me,” he said.

Song Seung-ha is a new actor who appeared in SBS’s “Wonder Woman” and KBS2’s “If You Cheat, You’ll Die,” and has been loved for his honest and cheerful character. In the drama “Wonder Woman,” the youngest daughter of a chaebol family who bullied Lee Ha-nee made her face known by spouting vitriol without going through her brain.

Song Seung-ha was reborn as the ‘next horror queen’ through this work. He not only transformed into “Eun-kyung,” who was hurt in body and mind, but also gave extreme fear in the scene of appearing as a ghost, the highlight of a horror movie.

Song Seung-ha, who is perfectly synchronized with his character with constant effort, is drawing attention. Expectations are added to his another charm at the Cannes International Series Festival, which he attended through “Midnight Horror: Six Nights,” which was selected as the “2023 OTT Overseas Distribution Support Industry” by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Broadcasting and Communication Promotion Agency.

Meanwhile, the season (seezn) original “Midnight Horror: Six Nights,” consisting of six horror omnibuses, is currently available on Genie TV and season (seezn)

Midnight Horror Song Seung-ha attends the Cannes International

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