Milwaukee player!! “A stupid and ridiculous game” chase by 21 points in 3 minutes, it wasn’t impossible.


Milwaukee went back and forth between heaven and hell.

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Toronto Raptors 104-101 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on the 4th.

It was a win, but it wasn’t a big smile for Milwaukee.

Reflecting the recent trend, Milwaukee continued to dominate the game despite the absence of Zulu Halladay and Chris Middleton. Toronto has been suffering from empty balls all the time, scoring its first goal only 7 minutes and 48 seconds after the start of the game.

Milwaukee, which continued its dominance amid low scores, beat Toronto in the fourth quarter with Yannis Antetokounmpo’s strong performance. Fueled by Antetokounmpo’s performance, Milwaukee ran far away with Grayson Allen, Brooke Lopez and Pat Connerton hitting three-point shots.

With 3:22 left at the end of the fourth quarter, the gap widened to 21 points. When everyone thought it was over. Milwaukee coach Mike Budenholzer felt the same way. Coach Budenholzer replaced a large number of key players such as Antetokounmpo and Lopez and began preparing for garbage time.

But Toronto did not give up easily. Banblet made three-point shots in a row to revive hope of chasing. Surprised Budenholzer sent Antetokounmpo and his main players back on the court in 40 seconds.

Toronto’s flame did not go out even though the opposing main players returned. Toronto desperately chased, and the score gap quickly narrowed. Nevertheless, the gap was so wide that Milwaukee was able to finish the game within the fourth quarter. Milwaukee had an 11-point lead with 43 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Milwaukee, however, made a series of absurd plays and gave his opponent a chance. Toronto scored eight points in 11 seconds with a five-second deviation and a flagged foul by Grayson Allen in an instant. In the ensuing scene, Milwaukee`s was shaken by the opponent’s pressure defense and committed a turnover, and eventually Gary Trent Jr. succeeded in a three-point shot to lead the game to extra time.

Many people who watched the game were surprised. It was the result of Toronto’s persistent fighting spirit and Milwaukee’s carelessness. Joel Embiid of Philadelphia also left a message on social media saying, “The game between Milwaukee`s and Toronto is just stupid and ridiculous.”

Milwaukee, which gained concentration again in extra time, managed to secure the victory with Allen’s three-point shot in the final. After reaching the threshold of victory, it was a game that reminded Milwaukee`s of the lesson that it was not over until it was over.

Milwaukee player!! “A stupid and ridiculous game” chase by..

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