Minako Komukai

Minako Komukai

Date of Birth: 1985-05-27
Height: 156 cm
Body size: B96 / W0 / H0
Cup Size: H Cup
Debut: Debut in January 2010

a Japanese AV actress

Born in Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture, she ran away from home at the age of 15 and was cast while working part-time at Biuya, where she entered the entertainment industry.

Minako Komukai, who was popular enough to be called a supernova in the entertainment industry, was heading to acting in dramas and movies, but was arrested in 2007 on charges of taking stimulants when she tried to recover after being terminated due to a conflict with her agency.

Here’s what’s inside. In June 2008, she was arrested on charges of co-ownership with a man who was dating a small amount of stimulant drugs at the house of a man.

After that, she was suspended from prosecution, but her career in the entertainment industry was almost over.

After that, she made his AV debut in 2011, but was arrested by the police again for taking stimulants during AV activities.

She was also found not to be indicted this time, but in 2015, she was caught by the Drug Enforcement Administration in her mansion, where she lived, and now served four years in prison.

After four years in prison, she was released and returned to AV.

However, she gained a lot of weight while eating bean rice in prison, which resulted in a big change in her body shape.

Among AV works, there are many cases where they appear as their own characters, but they have been working in a way that satisfies the nostalgia of fans in the past, but they have come to the point where they can’t think of their appearance at all.

Looking at Twitter, she seems to be a fan of Evangelion in the new century.

And as she have a dog, I think animal protection issues are very interesting. 토토사이트

Eventually, the video of the old mother was leaked and AV actor activities became rare.

Minako Komukai 小向美奈子 a Japanese AV actress

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