Minho said, “U-Know Yunho, feedback on the choreography with a long text message.”EUNHYUK, “I’m tired”


Minho of boy group SHINee told the story of receiving long dance feedback from U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.

Minho held an online press conference on the 6th to commemorate the release of his first solo album “CHASE” on SHINee’s YouTube channel. On this day, Minho said, “I’ve done a lot of explosive and powerful performances while working as SHINee,” adding, “As I was preparing for this performance, there was definitely a difficult part.”

Min-ho continued, “It was fun to take on a new challenge, and I think there was a performance that grew to the next level.” “I would appreciate it if you look at it well,” he said, asking for expectations.

Minho said he sent a video to Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and U-Know Yunho, who were the MCs of the press conference, to get dance feedback. Eun-hyuk, who saw Min-ho’s choreography in advance, praised it, saying, “It feels sexy overall.”

Minho said, “I sent a video only to Eunhyuk and U-Know Yunho because I wanted to get an advice, but Eunhyuk didn’t have much feedback,” adding, “U-Know Yunho sent a long message.” “I sent it first and didn’t read the Kakao Talk, so I got a call at 1:30 a.m.,” he said, revealing U-Know Yunho’s extraordinary affection for his juniors.

Eun-hyuk said, “I don’t think (Min-ho) would have sent the video only to me,” adding, “I thought I would feel burdened if I gave too much feedback to Min-ho.” “As expected, U-Know Yunho, this brother is tired,” he said, drawing laughter. Minho said, “I guess I had a desire to do it perfectly. So I asked my brothers,” he said.

Minho’s first solo album included a total of six songs, including “Chase.” “Chase” is a hip-hop R&B-based medium tempo pop song with a piano loop and arpegio synth sound added to the heavy baseline, creating a sophisticated mood, and the lyrics express the empty feeling of chasing the back of the opponent but eventually waking up without reaching it.

In addition, the album includes “Runaway” featuring and writing lyrics by GemINI, a duet song with Lim Kim (Kim Ye-rim), “Waterfall” with refreshing “Prove It,” “Choice” with autobiographical stories, and “Heartbreak” with mature charm.

Minho said, “U-Know Yunho, feedback on the choreography…

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