Date of birth: 1995-01-21
Height: 160 cm
body size: B85 / W57 / H85
Cup size: F cup
Debut: Debut in January 2014

Japanese AV actress.

Miori has an idol-like appearance, but lacks acting skills.

The next movie is a one-hit wonder actress who has not heard of it, although she also showed off her performance in the first place.

There are so many fans who can’t forget and wait for the video, which is their debut and retirement, due to the impact of their perfect skin, tremendous appearance and beautiful body.

Nobuyuki Ishizaki, president of Mark Japan, was arrested and is one of the rumors that she is believed to have taken AV by AV. (The reason why the sequel is not coming out)

However, rumors that Miori was forced to appear are only circulating in Korea, and there is no word in her native Japan.

It is widely believed that the actor who claims to have been forced to appear in Mark Japan is Fujiwara Hitomi.

The disappearance of works in DMM is because actors often request deletion for employment, marriage, or other reasons, and is common in addition to Miori.

Currently, works have disappeared on streaming sites such as DMM. 부산출장마사지

And if you search for a used DVD trading site by item number, no results appear.

Miori has an idol-like appearance, but lacks acting skills.

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