Misso winter outer McCara short jacket sales ‘jumping’


E-Land announced on the 8th that the representative winter product of the women’s SPA brand Misso, “McCarla Short Jacket,” is continuing to increase sales by leading customers’ good responses from customers.

According to E-Land, more than 1,000 McCara short jackets are sold weekly, with sales growing 540 percent year-on-year.

The 22FW McCara short jacket has been upgraded in both design and material from last year’s product.

In terms of design, the total length was reduced by 2cm to 52cm to reflect this year’s crop jacket trend, and it was made of a drop-type sleeve line so that it can be worn comfortably even if you wear an overfit inner jacket. In addition, the “Wool Like” material, which is light and soft, but at the same time reproduces the luxuriousness and warmth of the wool fabric, compensates for the shortcomings of the existing heavy and difficult-to-manage wool jacket.

In terms of marketing, it received positive responses by actively communicating with consumers. Since September, it has quickly dominated the winter outer market compared to competing brands by collaborating with YouTubers and influencers to introduce Macara short jackets and start sales promotions. Through Misso’s aggressive pre-launching strategy, McCara Short Jacket is leading the trend this winter by continuously ranking first on women’s fashion online platforms such as Zigzag.

“Misso’s winter outer car, which was introduced three weeks earlier than last year, is growing explosively, leading the trend along with the early cold,” said an official at E-Land Misso. “In addition to its flagship Macara short jacket, other outerwear are also expected to grow more than 20% this winter.”

Misso winter outer McCara short jacket sales ‘jumping’

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