Miyu Amano 天野美優 a two-year activity

Miyu Amano

Date of birth: 1998-01-11 (24 years old)
Height: 165 cm
Body Size: B95 / W60 / H90
Cup size: H cup
Debut: November 16

She debuted in November 2016 and gained popularity with her pretty appearance and voluminous body.

Over the course of two years, we’ve published more than 100 works, and we’ve been working like a factory manager.

On December 7, 2018, he announced his retirement with a tweet saying, “Thank you for two years.”

His debut film is MISM-039. He has a strong appetite.

I had two lunch boxes at lunch time, and three hours later, I ate bread and whined that I was hungry.

There’s even an anecdote that the staff gave me another lunch box.

At the beginning of his debut, he had gained some weight, but his beauty was upgraded after losing weight.number 파워볼사이트

AVVR-440(18.10.07)[VR] MKMP-241(18.09.21) APNS-076(18.08.16) MIMK-057(18.08.13) GQVR-002(18.08.02[VR]

KMVR-332(18.08.01) JUFD-938(18.07.29) CACA-129(18.07.13[VR] DTCVR-004(18.06.30)[VR] MIAE-268(18.06.26)

HOMA-041(18.06.22) HND-535(18.06.20) MMAR-006(18.06.17) PPPD-675(18.06.15) MUDR-035(18.06.11)

KTKY-026(18.05.28) MMKZ-042(18.05.28) TOMN-142(18.05.07) KDKJ-066(18.05.03) GVG-666(18.04.21)

URLH-001(18.04.04) SDMU-782(18.03.13) GVG-633(18.02.15) TIGR-008(18.01.26) CEMN-004(18.01.16)

HND-466(17.12.30) OKSN-289(17.12.30) BLK-347(17.12.30) XRW-415(17.12.20) GVG-605(17.12.19)

MDS-879(17.12.07) VENU-736(17.11.25) TPPN-165(17.11.24) MDTM-301(17.11.22) HZGD-069(17.10.26)

MOND-139(17.10.26) RADD-006(17.09.26) TIKF-013(17.09.19) MRSS-045(17.09.06) GVG-525(17.08.01)

URPW-0311(17.07.11) REBD-247(17.06.15) GVG-508(17.06.15) URMC-008(17.06.06) BF-511(17.05.21)

LOL-147(17.05.18) LOL-145(17.05.11) LOL-141(17.01.25) FSGD-002(17.01.17) GDTM-165(17.01.02)

JUFD-690(17.01.01) MISM-039(16.10.29)

Miyu Amano 天野美優 a two-year activity~~

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