Miyuki Yokoyama 横山美雪

Miyuki Yokoyama

Date of birth: 1989-11-15 (33 years old)
Height: 156cm.
Body size: B82 / W56 / H88
Cup size: C cup.
Debut: Debut in 08

She made his full debut in Kawaii in August 2008.

She was one of the best beauty in the industry as a slender actor with an urban mask with deep features.

The contract with Kawaii ended in July 2010 and began to work exclusively as an idea pocket in August.

And during this period, she was very thin because Idea Pocket was a company that thoroughly dieted my actresses.

If she have the impression that this actor is too thin, you are most likely encountered in the days of idea pockets.

Some people prefer this time the most because they are Interleigh, the period of their sleek appearance, but they usually say that they gained weight just right after going through SOD and coming to MAXING.토토사이트

Of course, this is a relative story, and it is the same that it is a slim slender at any time.

On October 7, 2010, she became a fifth-term student of Ebisu Mascats.

She moved to SOD Create in June 2011. Due to the SOD transfer, she withdrew from Mascats.

This is because Mascats belongs to Hokuto Group, a rival group of SOD Group.

She moved to MAXING in July 2012.

Retired after the work in March 2015.

However, Twitter is still active even after retirement, and other entertainment activities seem to continue.

In February 2017, he declared that he would not use the stage name “Yokoyama Miyuki.”

Since then, the blog has been closed and Twitter has been turned private.

Miyuki Yokoyama She made his full debut in Kawaii in August 2008.

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