MLB 10th ever $300 million was born…Turner signs 11-year contract with PHI

MLB Turner

The 10th $300 million contract in Major League Baseball (MLB) history has come out.

ESPN, a U.S. sports channel, said on the 5th that Tray Turner (29) has agreed to an 11-year, $300 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. According to local media, the contract included the right to refuse trade against all MLB teams and there is no separate grace fee.

ESPN said, “Turner’s contract is the 10th $1 billion contract in MLB history,” adding, “It is the fourth shortstop in history to reach this threshold after Francisco Lindor (New York Mets), Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres), and Corey Seager (Texas Rangers).” Turner was classified as the “Big Four infielder” along with Carlos Correa, Xander Bogartz, and Dansby Swanson in the FA market this winter. In fact, it hit a $300 million “big hit” with an 11-year contract that is close to life.

Turner, who made his big league debut in 2015, has a batting average of 0.302, 124 home runs, and 434 RBIs in his career (8 years). He batted .298 with 21 home runs and 100 RBIs in 160 games this season when he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has surpassed 20 home runs for the second consecutive year and reached his first 100-run mark since his debut. The value soared as he even won Silver Slugger in the National League shortstop category.

MLB 10th ever $300 million was born…

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