MLB Rich Club Dodgers Top Class Annual Salary


$49.14 million. This is the total annual salary spent by the Pittsburgh Pirates, the poorest club in the Major League Baseball (MLB).

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the richest club, spent $261.66 million, more than five times that of Pittsburgh. Can we call this a fair competition?

It is not new that the gap between rich and poor teams in the Major League has become a problem.

However, the U.S. national daily USA Today reported on the 24th that it has never been as serious as this year.

USA Today diagnosed that “the difference in annual salary between major league teams has widened to an absurd extent,” and that “it has reached a level that threatens the fairness of sports.”

According to USA Today, the total annual salary of the Dodgers, the richest club in the Major League Baseball, is $261.66 million, more than double that of the bottom 15 clubs.

In extreme cases, the Dodgers are paying a pitcher Trevor Bower (38 million dollars), who was ordered to take a leave of absence on charges of assaulting women, as much as Pittsburgh spends on all 40-man roster players.토토사이트

It is difficult to achieve fair competition in an environment where rich clubs sweep away excellent players based on solid capital.

The New York Yankees (23.63 million dollars) and the Boston Red socks (186.23 million dollars), which are ranked second in annual salary after the Dodgers, are competing in the American League’s eastern districts such as the Baltimore Orioles (52.31 million dollars), which are ranked 28th.

Boston has won all seven games this season against Baltimore, which has recently lost 19 games in a row. It is a structure in which rich clubs exploit poor clubs.

MLB Rich Club Dodgers Top Class Annual Salary

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