Model Yipyeong dies after cancer battle at 43 years old


Model Lee Pyeong (real name Lee Kyung-mi) passed away after battling cancer on the 31st of last month. He was forty-three years old.

Fellow model Lee Sun-jin reported Lee Pyeong’s death. He said, “I couldn’t contact you often and met you, so I couldn’t buy you a good meal and just lost time. Actually, I avoided contacting you because I was afraid that you would be very sick. “I’m sorry. Forgive me for being stupid.”

“I hope you don’t feel lonely on your way like this, but I don’t know if you’re also doing well.” Pyeong, please don’t get sick there and smile more and be happy. Let’s meet up later. I’m sorry, Pyeong. “I love you, Pyeong-ah,” he mourned.

“I’ve been very sick from fighting cancer for a long time,” he said. Even though he was sick, he was happy while standing on the runway and modeling. As a model, he said he wanted to remember only his cool side and didn’t want people to know that he was sick, so he couldn’t let the people know about him. “I’m sorry,” he said, adding, “I ask many people to be with me on my way home for the best model and cool junior.”

The mortuary was set up in Room 23 of the funeral hall of Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul. The cause of death is 9 a.m. on the 2nd. After passing through Seoul Memorial Park, he will sleep at Uljin Memorial Park.

Meanwhile, Lee Pyeong made his debut as a model at the age of 18 and performed on fashion shows such as the late Andre Kim and Lee Sang-bong.

In 2010, SBS E!TV’s “Beauty Solution Eve’s Mentor” announced a massive plastic surgery, drawing attention for its drastic transformation.

In addition, she received the 31st Korea Best Dresser Swan Award for Women’s Model and the Asia America Awards Model Award in 2016

Model Yipyeong dies after cancer battle at 43 years old

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