Morant’s father’s son. Not the people around him


Tim Morant spoke coolly of his son.

Ja Morant’s father, Tim Morant, talked about his son at the Up Next Elite basketball camp on the 20th (Korea Standard Time).

Morant, the second overall draft pick in the 2019 draft, was selected as one of the superstars who will lead the future of the NBA based on his explosive athletic ability and outstanding skills. With Morant, Memphis has become a strong player in the Western Conference.

But Morant’s image has plummeted in recent years. Morant, who had been embroiled in a series of bad issues, was suspended for eight games for exposing his gun while appearing on SNS live broadcasts at the club in March.

Morant, who took time to self-reflect and also received treatment through a counseling program. However, the time for self-reflection became meaningless as he took out a gun from a live broadcast again in two months. The secretariat imposed a 25-game suspension on Morant, which was stronger than the first gun exposure.

It also caused great disappointment to fans and lost a lot of money. Perhaps there was an image loss that could not be filled until retirement. It is unlikely that fans will easily trust Morant, who overturned his words in two months and became a shepherd boy.

At the same time, some said that the biggest problem was the surrounding environment and people who failed to catch Morant and fell into a bad path together. It is a point that comes to mind the four-character idiom “Geunmuk Jahuk.”

However, you have to think and decide your own work. The final responsibility must be on Morant himself. Morant’s father, Tim Morant, also spoke to young players at the camp site recently and pointed out his son’s situation coolly.

Timorette said, “Whatever position you are in, you must be aware of the characteristics of everyone around you. My son was not in trouble because of the people around him, but because of his decision.”

“You have to think carefully about every decision you make. You should always keep every decision in mind because it can make you dominate, consume you in the bad way, and think about who you are. Wherever you are, you should think that everything is always looking at you. The smallest thing you can do can make the biggest difference in your life,” he added 파워볼사이트

Will Morant, who has been disciplined for the second time, be able to return maturely this time after having a proper time of reflection? Memphis fans must be desperate for him to concentrate as much as he can on basketball

Morant’s father’s son. Not the people around him

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