“Mr. Trot 2” team’s mission…Office worker vs youth. “Clash.”

Mr. Trot 2

“Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend” announced a fierce competition by unveiling the team mission stage of the “Jazz Gentleman” office worker who showed the essence of “gentle sexy” and the “small giants” youth team, which is loved by the whole nation for its cute visuals and unexpected “monster singing ability.”

TV CHOSUN’s “Mr. Trot-The Beginning of a New Legend,” which will air on the 12th, will feature each department entering the team mission by genre in the first round of the finals, putting everything into the team’s life and death.

Starting with master Kim Yong-pil, the four-member office, consisting of attractive velvet low-pitched Marcus Kang, Park Sang-woo seeking to sell out hearts, and Lee Sang-yeon, a freshman of trot, is expected to challenge the new genre, “Jazz Trot,” attracting viewers with four cool, elegant jazz vocals and sticky swings.

In particular, Kim Yong-pil, who was at the center of the topic by challenging “Mr. Trot 2” as an anchor for other broadcasters, is drawing attention by confessing that he is at a crossroads of quitting his job. In addition to Kim Yong-pil, the office is in a desperate situation where all four members are on leave of absence or are participating in the competition, so there is no place to return anymore. Viewers are paying keen attention to the single stage created by desperation to determine their fate and the feast of jazz trot, which even masters are unfamiliar with.

Meanwhile, the youth department, which shook Korea with its trot skills that even adult participants killed, had difficulties from practice due to the overflowing talents and motivation of children. In the difficult part distribution and practice situation, Park Sung-on, 6th grader, showed leadership and showed off his brotherhood with calm and clean traffic arrangement. On the other hand, just before the start of the stage, he said, “Smile~Smile~” to create warmth by relaxing the members.

The fourth episode of “Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend” will air at 10 p.m. today (12th).

“Mr. Trot 2” team’s mission…Office worker vs youth. “Clash.”

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