Mu Kashiwagi 柏木むぅ

Mu Kashiwagi

Another name: #Kumi(來未) #Tosaki yua(戸崎ゆあ) #Sato Sari(佐藤さり)
Date of birth: 1999-01-01 (23)
Height: 148 cm
Body Size: B90 / W58 / H83
Cup size: F cup
Debut: October 19

Mu Kashiwagi  from 2019-2020 → Sato Sari from 2020-2021 → Retired

In October 2019, he made his AV debut with the concept of an amateur beautiful girl who was hunting in Nara Prefecture (Debut film SDMU-952).

The stage name for the debut movie is “Kashiwagi-mu”. He is estimated to be born in 1999, but his exact birthday is unknown.

Afterwards, he worked as a planning actor for Rory’s giant oil field, and then he started working as an agency around June 2020.

He changed his name to “Sato Sari” after moving to Siero.

Around the same time, Heydouga released an anhydrous crystal under the name of Kumi.

He once published a nude IV under the name of Tosaki yua.

In 2021 he appeared in FC2 (1639483).

Currently, Twitter is believed to have been deleted and retired.

Mu Kashiwagi from 2019-2020 → Sato Sari from 2020-2021 → Retired

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