Nami Hoshino

Nami Hoshino

Date of birth: 1992-07-03
Height: 152 cm
Body Size: B90 / W59 / H90
Cup size: G cup
Debut: Debut in August 2012

A former AV actress who is appearing on AV in Japan.

Born on July 3, 1992 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

It is said that her chest began to grow big after the 6th grade of elementary school, and even in middle school, she couldn’t take swimming classes because of her big chest.

Fortunately, when She was in the third grade of middle school, she chest complex was resolved. Since then, she has often worn clothes that emphasize her chest.

She was a model before her AV debut, and in August 2012, she debuted as an AV actress as a full-time hmp actress.

S1’s exclusive actor with her attractive skin full of brown health and G-cup oil.

Playboy nicknamed him “Butt Leader” because her butt was pretty.

Along with Okuda Saki, Yumeno Aika, and Aoi, one of the four big-time members who unknowingly stick to S1 for a long time.

She made her exclusive AV debut in 2012 because he wanted to experience various worlds after working as a model.

2013 S1 transfer. She joined Ebisu Mascots in 2015, but she stayed as a listener and graduated. a member of San Pro

In August 2020, she announced Nami Hoshino retirement. 토토추천

Even after announcing her retirement, she has not deleted her SNS account and has been constantly posting posts to communicate with fans until recently.

Nami Hoshino A former AV actress who is appearing on AV in Japan.

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