Nanako Tsukishima 月島ななこ

Nanako Tsukishima

Another name: #KatagiriErica #Eririca(えりりか)
Date of birth: 1991-05-10 (31)
Height: 162 cm
Body Size: B87 / W57 / H87
Cup size: F cup
Debut: October 15

In April 2011, she made his debut under the name Katagiri Eririca and retired.

Nanako Tsukishima, who returned to work after changing her name and retired in November 2017.

It depends on each person’s taste and style, but she is an actor who eats three meals a day.

An actor who I thought was okay when I was working under the name Katagiri Eririka before returning.

Since I was a BJ before my debut in this industry,

Second, there is a relationship with a lesbian, bisexual, and a famous Japanese comedian who is so famous that it is sad.

And most of all, the Tokyo Haat, the epitome of clear works, has been ruined.

She’s at the center, so he’s criticized by many people. He talks a lot about this and that.

Most of them seem to know about this actor.안전놀이터

If you look at Twitter and social media, they are living quite luxuriously in Taiwan now.

Nanako Tsukishima 月島ななこ In April 2011, she made his debut

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