Nautilus confirmed the release of “Heartbeat” on the 26th…Come back with a romantic love song.


Singer Nautilus will make a comeback this spring with a romantic love song, not a farewell ballad.

The Nautilus confirmed the release of its new song “The Day” on the 26th, and will visit listeners with a love song that contains the excitement and trembling of love.

On the 16th, the music video teaser for the new song “Pit-a-pat” was released on the official YouTube channel, making the Nautilus’ love serenade even more awaited.

The music video teaser released showed a man taking care of his anniversary with his lover, giving him a lovely feeling. The scene of a man preparing a cake and wine while copying the proposal scene in the movie literally raised his heart rate by creating excitement like the new song “Heartbeat.”

The new song “Pit-a-pat,” which depicts the feelings of a lover in love, is a song depicting pure and transparent love that makes your heart pound when you meet your loved one in front of your eyes. The modern rock genre’s new song “Pit-a-pat” was composed of a lyrical yet groovy piano prelude, a piano solo line, rhythmic accompaniment, and a colorful vocal of the Nautilus, expressing passionate love.

The Nautilus, which also opened a teaser video for its new song “Pit-a-pat,” held the 2023 Nautilus Concert My Story Ep.1-Taesoo on April 15, signaling a performance that lovers should not miss. Wearing a warm spring sensibility, the Nautil-us will once again visit fans with high-quality live performances.

Nautilus’ love song and new song “The Day” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 26th.

Nautilus confirmed the release of “Heartbeat” on the 26th…

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