NCT Jae Hyun releases remix version of his solo song “Forever Only”.


A remix version of NCT Jae-hyun’s solo song “Forever Only” will be released.

“Ice Cream Vol.20: Forever Only Remix,” the 20th single presented by the remix music project “iScreaM,” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 6th.

In this single, session drummer, who encompasses various genres such as ballads, hip-hop and rock bands, and musician SHINDRUM, who released his first full-length album produced in 2021, will participate to present an acoustic soul genre remix.

The new drum version of “Forever Only” reconstructed the original R&B genre, which has a deep loneliness, into an acoustic soul genre, and added synthesizer sound to the drum-centered performance instrument arrangement to meet the modern sensibility of soul and electronic music.

In addition, the “Forever Only” new drum version music video, which will be released on the YouTube SMTOWN channel at the same time as the sound source, is produced as a 3D visual video and expresses the emotions of the speaker looking at the city night view outside the window with a long take-cut production to double the rhythmical atmosphere of the song.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 to which Jae-hyun belongs will release its fourth full-length repackage “Ay-Yo” on the 30th.

NCT Jae Hyun releases remix version of his solo song..

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