“Negotiation” Hwang Jung-min x Hyun-bin, the story of being banned from entering Jordan


The first meeting of Hwang Jung-min, Hyun-bin, and Kang Ki-young, and the new film “Negotiation” (director Lim Soon-rye, distributed plus M Entertainment, production company Watermelon and one-take film), which was expected to be the best moment of our lives, “Reportor” and “Little Forest” director Lim Soon-rye, have released production behind-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-scenes stories.

The movie “Negotiation,” which depicts a negotiation operation between diplomats and local NIS agents heading to Afghanistan to save South Koreans who became Taliban hostages in the worst kidnapping case, has revealed behind-the-scenes production that went through actual negotiations.

“Negotiation” is the first Korean film to show an exotic and unfamiliar land of chaos on the screen, but it unfolds Afghanistan where people live. As Daesik (Hyun Bin) says in the movie, “I feel like I’m the only one between the sky and the ground,” the scenery of Afghanistan, which is desolate, rough, and unique in its vastness and beauty, will inspire admiration from viewers.

After capturing this, there was a struggle of the production team that completed the impossible mission of filming overseas locations in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Director Lim Soon-rye, who puts reality first, was unable to film in Afghanistan, where entry itself was impossible.

As a result, it had to find an area that would satisfy various conditions such as Afghanistan’s most similar scenery and filming infrastructure, and as a result, it was decided that Jordan, which had areas similar to Afghanistan, was the filming location of “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Martian,” and “Star Wars.”

However, just before the crank-in, COVID-19 broke out and Jordan faced difficulties in banning foreigners from entering the country, so the production team filmed in Korea first and filmed indoor scenes in Korea during overseas shipments while promoting Jordan’s entry permit.

Finally, the Jordanian government only receives an exception to Korea’s “negotiation” filming team and enters Jordan, but the “negotiation” filming team, including quarantine period due to COVID-19, food procurement, props procurement, and special effects, has overcome several difficulties in Jordan.

Director Lim Soon-rye and Hwang Jung-min made their own food and served it to actors and staff suffering from homesickness of taste, and the production team of “Negotiation” broke through all kinds of difficulties only through teamwork. The “Negotiation,” completed through these difficulties, will increase the audience’s immersion by capturing Afghanistan with a production design that makes it difficult to know where Korea is and where it is overseas.

Like an impossible negotiation operation, “Negotiation,” which finished filming safely with a total of 300 production staff in the Corona situation without a manual, is expected to captivate the audience with a story of a tense unpredictable “Negotiation” operation against a vivid production background.

“Negotiation” will invite the audience to the story of those who engage in impossible negotiations only to save the lives of the hostages on January 18, 2023.

“Negotiation” Hwang Jung-min x Hyun-bin, the story..

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