New Balance, IU appointed Ambassador to the global


Global sports brand New Balance “has chosen the IU is active in several areas, including singer-songwriter and actor and producer with a global Ambassador. New Balance is expected to deliver a positive message to the people through the IU, and exposure to the performance and lifestyle products suited to the lifestyle of IU and proceed even colorful collaboration.

New Balance and IU pyeolchyeojimyeo campaign targeting 10 countries in Asia, including Korea (Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia), PR events and the public through the 230 Asian press. 안전놀이터

Stephen Roach (Stephen Roach) New Balance Asia Pacific (APAC) Marketing Director sms “as a global brand ambassador for New Balance gotta be with IU delighted, IU will have a variety of talents is not in accordance with the existing framework, to stand up for yourself without fear It seems to show the brand philosophy of New Balance well. In addition, the way he constantly strives and takes care of and considers those around him shows him as a leader to people of similar age.”

The appointed as Ambassador of New Balance IU said, “I always was a fan of New Balance New Balance is a little more special meaning. I thought New Balance was always interested in the messages of those who tell her story, but in fact, when she was selected as a model for New Balance, I was impressed by how she listened to my story as an artist.”

He continued, “The message ‘not waiting is a virtue’ is very similar to my story. Looking at the energy and messages that New Balance has shown recently, it seems that they want to realize their dreams with confidence and communicate with people who are interested in environmental and social issues. I was convinced that I could deliver this message to the world with New Balance, so I decided to do it with New Balance.”

IU is the recent campaign with New Balance “above freshly Now (We Got Now)” begins and will continue for a variety of collaboration in the future. This campaign delivers the message to pursue your dreams and passions right now. The first video campaign work and IU may contain the message “waiting to virtue (Impatience Is A Virtue) it does. The video shows how IU in what came to develop their focuses to deliver her message.

New Balance, IU appointed Ambassador to the global

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