New head coach candidates? With Bordallas Lee Kang-in… relation

The name of Jose Bordalas (59) from Spain came out as a candidate for the new head coach of the Korean national soccer team.


Spain’s Radio Cadena SER and Mundo Deportipo said on the 18th (local time), “The Korea Football Association contacted coach Bordalas. The former Valencia head coach has been the subject of investigation by South Korean football in recent weeks,” he reported.

Coach Bordallas has put down the baton of Valencia in Spain’s La Liga in June last year.

Local media said, “Coach Bordalas has been connected to Spanish La Liga and overseas clubs since he left Valencia last summer. However, no team has made an official proposal yet. Still, if the current head coach of the first division team is dismissed, Bordalas is one of the alternative options, he said. “The National Association has also contacted us.” “As far as I know, the Korea Football Association is one of them,” he explained.

“South Korea is looking for a successor after Paulo Bento’s resignation. Bento resigned after losing to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup,” he added.

Bordallas began his leadership career in 1993. He led Elche, Deportivo Alaves, Getafe and Valencia. Deportivo Alaves and Getafe were promoted to La Liga in their first season. In Valencia, he also reached the Copa del Rey final.

He also has a relationship with Lee Kang-in (Mayorca).

Bordallas took the helm of Valencia in May 2021. Lee Kang-in left for Mallorca in August, so it is not a big relationship.

However, coach Bordallas also released Valencia’s release order for Lee Kang-in through Spanish media in December last year. Coach Bordallas said, “Lee Kang-in was a great player. “The club told me to let Lee Kang-in out, calling it a “bad precedent.” At that time, Valencia broke up with Lee Kang-in to recruit Marcus Andre from Brazil.

New head coach candidates? With Bordallas Lee Kang-in…

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