Nexon, who is ready to pour out new works, “This time, it’s different.”


Nexon is currently the most active developer in the domestic game market.

This month, Nexon announced its release through CBT or pre-registration as many as six works.

This is a significant number compared to many large game companies, where only a few projects are on track or the title is not even released.

In particular, Nexon’s new work consists of various genres, including AA-class root shooter genre, PvP with a large-scale battle, and 2D dot-style games with dot sensibility, and many works are scheduled to be released on platforms such as steam and console beyond mobile.

Nexon’s active movement is clearly different from what it was in 2018.

Nexon, which started to target the mobile market in earnest in 2018, launched as many as 14 new products and launched a supply offensive.

However, similar works following the existing games were mainstream, and most games were stranded during development or failed to meet expectations, which was evaluated as “a large amount, but no substance.”

Accordingly, after the internal reorganization in 2019, it will start to improve its constitution by launching a new development organization.

Nexon seems to have taken a different step than before by trying to enter the multi-platform market such as PCs and consoles beyond mobile devices with genres that are different from existing games and games.

The most representative game is “First Dependent,” which is being developed by Nexon Games. First Resident, which was first released as Project Magnum in August last year, is a “root shooter” genre that combines third-person shooting games and RPG elements.

“First Distinguished,” which was announced to be released early on as a PC and console platform, features dynamic shooting action, cooperative (CO-OP) play targeting giant bosses, special skills such as proximity, distance, and magic, and various guns that enable cheerful battles.

In particular, it has attracted attention from global users by submitting “First Distinguished” to international game shows such as Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, and has been introduced as the next global expected work by various foreign media. “First Dependent” will be held on October 20-27 through Steam.

“Warhaven,” which is being produced by Nexon’s new development headquarters, is also a notable work. War Haven, which was first unveiled as a project HP in August last year, drew keen attention as director Lee Eun-seok, who developed “Land of the Wild: Durango,” took charge of the overall development.

The game, which advocates the popularization of siege warfare, features a large number of 32 users who can choose their desired character and perform actions with simple manipulation, as well as move with squad members and implement various strategies.

On top of that, users who have made achievements by fighting a squad system consisting of four people will transform into a “hero incarnation” to provide high-quality PvP genre fun, including a hero system that greatly affects the war situation and the battlefield of various missions.

Warhaven, which completed its alpha test last year, will begin global beta testing through Steam from October 12 to November 2.

The first title of Nexon’s new sub-brand, “Mintrocket,” “Dave the Diver,” is expected to be even more at home and abroad. Dave the Diver, which was unveiled at G-Star 2018 and received great attention, has a variety of fun with a unique style of graphics, underwater action to catch fish, and a Tycoon genre that runs a sushi restaurant.

The game explores a huge blue hole in the sea, catches fish and collects various items, and after the exploration, it has the fun of the Tycoon genre, which runs a restaurant that makes sushi with the fish it catches.

Dave the Diver, which drew good reviews from overseas users by releasing the experience version through the Steam Next page in June, will launch in earnest through Steam Early Access in October.

In addition to these games, a number of works, including “Kartrider Drift,” which is scheduled to be released on multiple platforms such as the Xbox series X/S, PS4, and PC, Nexon Games’ new third-person shooting game “Bale Expert,” a team-based FPS game and “The Finals,” which is being developed at Embark Studios in Sweden, are being tested and officially released. 부산출장마사지

Indeed, I wonder what kind of achievements will be made by Nexon’s bold new works, which are seeking to enter new markets, not only mobile but also PC and console platforms through different genres and various styles of games.

Nexon, who is ready to pour out new works, “This time, it’s different.”

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