Night blindness test genetic cure impossible


Night blindness is called dark adaptation, so you can’t see it if you go from bright to dark. But I keep saying that I can’t see it. I have to accept it, but I can’t eat in the dark, so my skills deteriorate in the dark, and my sister narrows down. For example, I went to see a movie with my lover, but I couldn’t see popcorn. I didn’t know where it was. It’s a little less visible at night. It’s hard to drive at night. This isn’t night blindness.

It’s just that your eyes are bad. People with bad eyesight can’t see it at night, but it’s not that. I’m driving into the tunnel and I can’t see anything. I watched a movie and I can’t see popcorn at all, so I stutter where it is. If you don’t see it as a pathological level, you can say it’s night blindness. If you have night blindness, please come to the eye clinic for an examination. Of course. You can see in bright places. The board we measure in ophthalmology is bright. There’s no problem at all right.

So my eyesight is really good, and even if it’s 1.01.1, I can get night blindness, but if it gets worse, I’m disappointed. Your eyesight can get worse. In that case, you have to suspect night blindness. If there are people who can’t see us at night, there are a lot of people who have short-sighted astigmatism, and there are people who don’t care even though they have bad eyesight. For those who don’t have bad eyesight, you can’t see it at night. So I only wear glasses at night. There are a lot of January 20s when I wear glasses for driving at night. So if you can see me well when I wear glasses, that’s not night blindness.

A night blindness test has a test to see how much light we see at night. So, in the dark, beats, we have an electrical stimulation test to see if the retina recognizes it, and there’s a test called vpe, and there’s a test called multipocal arg. If you finish the test, it costs about 300,000 won. If you can’t do it for just one minute, it’s about 50,000 won, but you can diagnose through the test.

It’s not charged yet, but fortunately, I’m trying to do gene recombination these days to change the gene in front of Jeju. I’ve seen the drug once, and it’s a business, and it’s also a business, so we’re so expensive that we don’t even think about it, but anyway, there’s a lot of treatments, and if you’re more advanced than before gene recombination, gene therapy opens the way. So I think people with retinal pigmentation are getting worse over time.

There’s someone who’s going blind in their teens. They’re in their 60s. They’re going blind when they’re 70 years old. I think we can come up with a way to treat them in 10 years. And we’re telling them to come to the hospital even though there’s no treatment yet. The reason is that retinal pigmentation is increasingly visible, but in between, cataracts are more common than the average person, and the retina is weak, so the retina swells up a lot.

There’s a phenomenon called cystic macular edema, where the macula swells at the center of the retina. It happens a lot, and the treatment is different. Cataract requires cataract surgery and cystic macular edema 12424 and so on, so we have to keep an eye on them and see if they don’t get better. Now, these treatments are being developed.

To tell you this, we’re telling you to come out once a year. Some ramen symptoms are dark, so you can’t see well, but there’s silver that spreads or you see it at night. They don’t control night blindness. They’re polarizing glasses. They prevent glare. It’s about that effective. The glasses won’t be able to control the symptoms.

Night blindness test genetic cure impossible

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