NMIXX, the young charisma of girls…A performance that doesn’t look like a rookie


The main character, which was pre-released by a fashion magazine in July, is NMIX, which has just passed 100 days since its debut.

NMIX debuted on February 22, 2022 with an overwhelming presence. The seven young girls improved the completeness of the pictorial with their charismatic facial expressions and poses that were not like rookies. Immediately after their debut, the feeling of sprinting of those who broke the record was properly revived.

The interview also includes the honest story of NMIXX, who just debuted after a difficult trainee life. Haewon said, “First of all, Lily is a pure person. Seol Yoon is the funniest person to me. Genie is like a tiger on the stage, but she is a soft-hearted friend, and Bae is a mood maker and vitamin-like friend. Jiwoo is a cute tomboy, and Gyujin is the youngest, but she takes good care of herself. All of our members are cool, good at dancing, and have a good personality…The members showed off their affection for the members, saying, “I’m sometimes determined.”파워볼사이트

NMIXX’s first cover story is available in the July issue of “Harpers Bazaar” on its website and Instagram.

NMIXX, the young charisma of girls… rookie

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