No comment on Netflix CEO’s account ban question


Netflix CEO Ted Surlandos has kept quiet about a new account-sharing approach that has emerged as a “hot potato.”

Asked when and how the new Netflix account sharing method will proceed in Korea, Seorandos, who attended the “Netflix and Korean Content Story” event held at a hotel in Seoul on the morning of the 22nd, said, “The change in account sharing method is underway globally.” However, there is nothing special to announce here today,” he avoided answering.

Netflix said in some South American countries and the United States from last year to this year, “To share an account with someone other than a household member, you have to pay an additional monthly fee of $7.99 (about 10,500 won). Or you have to create a new account,” he announced. In Korea, the prevailing view is that the ban on account sharing will be implemented soon. However, Surlandos did not elaborate on this.

There were also questions about compensation for successful works and sharing IP (intellectual property rights) with production companies. “We make sure that creators and producers are properly compensated when we sign a contract,” Surlandos said. Since it is a highly competitive market, it sometimes fights with other companies on the same projects. We are always rewarding good content with the best treatment in the market so that it can be seen on Netflix, not anywhere else,” he stressed.

“If season 2 comes out, we will compensate for season 1.” And when making IP-related deals, creators continue to benefit from the use of IP. “We will create a good ecosystem so that producers can work in a better environment,” he added

No comment on Netflix CEO’s account ban question

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