Noa Kasumi 香澄のあ

Noa Kasumi

Date of birth: 1990-07-15
Height: 161 cm.
Body size: B87 / W60 / H90
Cup size: G cup.
Debut: Debut in November of 2010.

She has a great mask and body shape, and his skin is white and good, so she formed many fans.

However, there are some likes and dislikes due to controversy over acting skills.

However, there is an opinion that Casmino’s acting is a realistic appearance in general bed,

For those who are reluctant to act in general AV actors because they think their acting is excessive,

In some cases, Casmino’s work is preferred.안전놀이터

Noa Kasumi worked for about 7 months and produced 8 works, and retired from the AV industry at the end of May 2011.

Noa Kasumi 香澄のあ Retired from AV industry at the end of May 2011.

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