Oh Yoon-ah said, “No belly exposure, bright leggings…I care about men.”

Oh Yoon-ah

Actress Oh Yoon-ah revealed her tracksuit.

On the 5th, Oh Yoon-ah posted on her channel, “Oh Yoon-ah’s secret to a luxurious body shape, raise your hand if you want to wear a bikini this summer!” A video titled ‘Losing Weight Diet Exercise and Recommendation of Workout Clothing (Health, PT, Pilates, Tantz)’ was released.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “Since it’s the new year, I will introduce exercise routines and tracksuits for those who plan to wear bikinis this summer.”

“It was enough to do only tantz until my 30s, but it became difficult. If you work out at the same time, your body will become stronger and prettier. I think exercise that you can enjoy is important. “It would be nice to find exercise according to your body,” he said.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “Sweatwear doesn’t matter. I don’t wear nice and pretty sportswear. He said, “I tend to live again only at sunset,” adding, “I prefer tank tops.” He said, “I prefer sportswear that can show my body well. Tank tops are worn when working out. “You can reduce embarrassment only when you come up to the top rather than the line where you can see your chest,” he said. He also said that he always wears T-shirts together and said, “Don’t men work out together. It bothered me a lot. He added, “I don’t want to expose my belly, so I wear a long one.”

Oh Yoon-ah`s who also wears leggings to the gym, said, “I never wear bright colors. It’s so embarrassing.” When the staff asked, “Is Yoon-ah embarrassed by her body shape?” Oh Yoon-ah said, “Of course. It’s only possible in dramas,” he said.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “No belly exposure, bright leggings…

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