Omega X Returns to Korea with Personal Money

Omega X

It has been confirmed that members of the group Omega X, who were reported to have been overpowered by their agency’s representatives during their overseas tour, bought flights at their own expense without financial support from their agencies and headed back home.

According to SBS Entertainment News’ exclusive confirmation, 11 members of Omega X and one manager of the agency who was in charge of overseas tours boarded a flight to Korea departing from LA on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

Originally, the members of Omega X were scheduled to leave through LA Airport on the 23rd after completing their overseas tours, but the agency’s representative unilaterally canceled the flight ticket early in the day and was stranded in the U.S.

As a result, some members reportedly bought air tickets at their own expense with the help of their parents in Korea and went back home.

Even after the cancellation of the flight ticket, Kang, the CEO of the agency, was stopped by hotel guards for making a fuss or knocking on the door in the hotel hallway where the members were staying, and it was belatedly known that local police were dispatched twice.

Earlier, CEO Kang shouted and lectured the members at the restaurant parking lot after finishing his performance in LA, the last city of the world tour, and in the process, he was stopped by the performance staff after pushing the fallen member Jae-han (real name Kim Jae-han) in the hotel lobby.

Kang explained in a press release, “We solved the misunderstanding by talking about what we were upset about each other during the overseas tour.”

Attention is focusing on whether Omega X members who enter the country via Incheon International Airport today (25th) will express their position regarding the incident.

Omega X Returns to Korea with Personal Money

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