Omega X said, “Did you resign as a representative? “I doubt your sincerity”

Omega X

The head of the agency, which caused verbal abuse and assault against the members of the group Omega X, announced his voluntary resignation, but the conflict with the members was still not resolved.

According to an official in the entertainment industry, Omega X members have been traumatized since entering the country at their own expense from LA late last month and are receiving rest and treatment at their respective homes, not at their agency’s accommodation.

Earlier, Kang, the CEO of Omega X’s agency, was embroiled in a controversy over his verbal abuse and assault on the members after a concert in LA, the U.S. Since then, Kang has canceled all of the members’ flight tickets to Korea.

After returning to Korea, the agency said in a press release, “I solved the misunderstanding with the members,” but in reality, suspicions were raised that the members were psychologically pressured, saying, “I’ll sprout a group action,” “I can’t stay alert,” and “There will be a bloodbath if I enter Korea.”

In addition, CEO Kang announced his resignation, but Omega X members reportedly reacted negatively.

An official said, “Since the agency is a family company jointly operated by CEO Kang and his wife, we have no choice but to doubt the sincerity of CEO Kang’s voluntary resignation,” adding, “We know that members have protested to the company several times before, but it has not been fixed.”

Omega X said, “Did you resign as a representative? “I doubt your sincerity”

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