Parallel effects of Botox on fillers (tuck tip treatment)


If you do two or three things together, you will make a lot of mistakes. Botox and fillers. Is there a good thing about making mistakes? There’s tofu that I can’t read. It doesn’t have to be the first part. In the same case, large areas require a lot of capacity. But if you move the horse’s muscles, the filler moves.When I first put it in, it was pretty and big, but it’s been a month since my forehead muscles moved, but the filler can get bumpy, so I always fix my forehead with Botox.

The second one is the tip of my chin. Table tennis is called peach seed because the tip of the chin comes in when moving because the muscles are located perpendicular to the skin.

In the case of jaw fillers, you need to make a shape with strong viscoelasticity to make it pretty. I can’t contact you if you move like Mr. Peach. The shape changes later because it spreads. I think I need to cancel Botox with an accessible filler.

I found out that both places treat Botox fillers with know-how. The filler is no longer lighter than Botox. It’s much more effective if you operate with these fillers. What mistake would you make if you made such a mistake? It’s said that grooming is an in-depth test.

Sagging, shady, wrinkled. It’s my personal opinion, but I don’t think you can use a lot of fillers for laugh lines. I have a lot of laugh lines, so I think I’m going to go crazy if I see them all at once. Then the filler will not forget its location and grow sideways. Sometimes when I look at the people who brought it, the level pad gets bigger and the filler moves sideways.

Parallel effects of Botox on fillers (tuck tip treatment)

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