Park Bo Gum quietly visited after he was discharged from the army?

Park Bo Gum

Actor Park Bo-gum, who has continued his volunteer work at the nursery school even before joining the military, has been revealed to have visited and done good deeds even after he was discharged from the military.

Today Park Bogum’s official fan cafe, “Bogum Ministry of Health and Welfare,” posted a “2022 Children’s Day Love Sharing Goods Sponsorship Review.” According to the article, Park Bogum visited the childcare center that he had sponsored for a long time and did volunteer work.

The place he visited is Myeongjin Field Flower Love Village, where Park Bo-gum, his fan club Bo-gum, and his agency Blossom Entertainment continued to sponsor and volunteer.

The nursery school thanked Park Bogum and the fan club in a sincere letter, saying, “The meeting, which first began in 2013, marks its 10th anniversary this year.”

The nursery said, “The items that you sent me every year are very useful to children. Thank you for your unwavering love. Actor Park Bogum organized the items sent by the “Bo-gum Ministry of Health and Welfare” this year, he said, adding that Park Bogum was in charge of everything from parcel label work to separation of goods and garbage disposal.

In addition, Park Bogum said that he spent time with the children in the accommodation and playroom where the children of the nursery school lived and had time to make eye contact and talk affectionately.

Finally, “I would like to thank actor Park Bogum and the Ministry of Health and Welfare for their quiet good deeds over the past 10 years. Whenever Park Bo-gum said thank you, he said, “It’s all thanks to the fans,” and he said, “I gave all my thanks to the fans.”

The photo released on the fan cafe was filled with Park Bogum doing volunteer work.

In the picture, Park Bogum, wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a black apron, was skilled at opening and organizing items and recycling the last box.

Meanwhile, Park Bogum has been unofficially volunteering at the nursery since 2013. Even before joining the army in August last year, I planned to meet my children, but as COVID-19 spread, I couldn’t meet them face-to-face. Eventually, Park Bo-gum sent handwritten letters and cakes for the children and joined the military.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum quietly visited after he was discharged from the army?

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