Park Bo-gum, Rumors of ‘YG Transfer’ Will Come Out…”15 briquettes are easy”

Singer Sean showed good influence with Park Bo-gum and Yoon Se-ah.

On the 18th, Sean posted a number of photos along with a message saying, “I burned it white with briquettes.”

Park Bo-gum

In the released photo, Sean, Yoon Se-ah, and Park Bo-gum are taking pictures with their fingers in the “1” pose and the best pose while staring at the camera.

The following photo shows Park Bo-gum and Yoon Se-ah climbing uphill with briquettes on a forklift.

Yoon Se-ah carried 10 briquettes on a forklift and went up and down the hill constantly, and Bogum is now very used to it, so up to 15 briquettes at a time is easy. 2500 copies in 50 minutes. “With the 155th Sean, the temperature of Korea will be raised by 1 degree,” he added.

In response, Internet users cheered, saying, “Your good deeds become warmer in the cold winter,” “How far is the end of good influence,” and “My heart is warmed.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum terminated his contract with Blossom Entertainment in December last year. Rumors of a transfer to YG Entertainment were circulated the day before, but this turned out to be groundless, drawing keen attention to his future.

Singer Sean is famous not only for this year but also for being a celebrity who has consistently learned good deeds. There are many other celebrities, but Sean is famous for learning good deeds from his fans.

Park Bo-gum, Rumors of ‘YG Transfer’ Will Come Out…

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