Park Eunbin takes over the heat and makes a comeback in Korea…The global trend is “Pink

Park Eunbin

Actress Park Eunbin delivered her daily life in Korea after a successful fan meeting in Japan.

Park Eun-bin released a photo on her Instagram on the 2nd in a space where pine trees and Dancheong roofs stand out.

In the picture, Park Eun-bin is wearing a pink hat, gloves, muffler, and mask, making a cute V pose, drawing attention.

He looks like he’s wrapped up in the sudden cold, but his eyes are blinding.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin is currently holding an Asian tour fan meeting. Recently, he successfully finished his performance in Japan, winning the hearts of Japanese fans.

In addition, the starring film “Yeon-mo” won the International Emmy Award for the first time in a Korean drama, and is drawing attention as a global star by winning the Rising Star Award at the Asia-Pacific Cinema & TV event organized by the American Critics Association.

Park Eunbin takes over the heat and makes a comeback…

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