Park Hee-soon, who noticed the secret of drama trolley Kim Hyun-joo, “There will be signs of change.”


Park Hee-soon, who noticed the secret of “Trolley” Kim Hyun-joo’s past, changes.

SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley” predicted an unfinished crisis between Kim Hye-joo (played by Kim Hyun-joo) and Nam Joong-do (played by Park Hee-soon) ahead of the seventh episode on the 9th.

In the last broadcast, the battle between Kim Hye-joo, who is trying to “protect” the secret 20 years ago, and Jin Seung-hee (Ryu Hyun-kyung), who is trying to “disclose,” became even hotter. Jin Seung-hee, who believes that Kim Hye-joo framed Jin Seung-ho (played by Lee Min-jae) to death due to her family’s lies, vowed to pay back the pain she and her family suffered, saying, “I can’t see you live happily after destroying our house.”

In response, Jin Seung-hee summoned Kim Hye-joo back to Yeongsan, but the unexpected appearance of Nam Joong-do made a turnaround.

In the released photo, Kim Hye-joo and Nam Joong-do are on their way home, and the atmosphere in the car is endlessly heavy. Kim Hye-joo, who shed tears that make you guess her heartache, and Nam Joong-do, who comforts her with a warmer look than any other words. Indeed, it raises questions about what happened between the two and Jin Seung-hee, and how Nam Joong-do knew that Kim Hye-joo was in Yeongsan.

Above all, attention is focused on whether Nam Joong-do, who had been digging into Kim Hye-joo’s past through Jang Woo-jae (Kim Moo-yeol), noticed everything.

Another photo showed two people visiting the emergency room in the middle of the night. The complicated expression of Nam Joong-do, who stood at the place where the ambulance left, and Kim Hye-joo, who is looking at the questionable paper from some parts of the hospital, adds to the curiosity.

Above all, in the trailer released earlier, Kim Hye-joo’s voice said, “Why is this repeated again?” and an unusual reaction was revealed as if facing a shocking accident, raising tension.

In the seventh episode, which will air on the 9th, Kim Hye-joo, Nam Joong-do, and Jin Seung-hee will have a three-way meeting. The war of nerves between Jin Seung-hee, who is still falsely accused of murder and demanding a forced apology, but Kim Hye-joo, who is no longer backing down and entering a counterattack, will intensify.

In this regard, the production team said, “Kim Hye-joo’s secret rises to the surface, and there are signs of change in Namjungdo Island. He said, “Please watch Nam Joong-do’s move to create a better world and protect his beloved wife.”

Meanwhile, episode 7 of “Trolley” will air at 10 p.m. on the 9th.

Park Hee-soon, who noticed the secret of drama trolley…..

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